Waggin' Train Rescue

Our Thanks

We are so thankful for the support we receive from so many different sources....

Waggin' Train Rescue is a member, in excellent standing, of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, Inc. They are a huge support force for us, providing our rescue dogs with transportation to their foster and adoptive homes all over NY, NJ, New England & Eastern PA. We would not be able to rescue and place as many dogs as we do without their help.

We are also supported by a number of volunteers whose love and compassion towards homeless dogs is the same as ours....

Esther, Evelyne & Cristina whose devotion to all the Manhattan Shelter dogs is undeniable. And Larry at the Brooklyn Shelter as well. When we've asked, they've happily assisted us with photographing dogs we've rescued (before they are discharged from the shelter), and provided us with important insight based on their interactions with our rescue dogs.

Darcie Folson (adopter of Capone & Brody) & Amie Lloyd, each whose eagerness to assist in screening applicants, checking references, meeting transports, and other research and inquiries has been a huge help (not to mention covering for Nanette when she's on vacation...)

Joy for your "grass roots" efforts at fundraising for us, producing over $2000 so far. And for lovingly adopting Sam, and then fostering Malcolm, Rocky & Maggie.

Andy Sousa for donating his knowledge, talent, time and energy to developing this website for us, allowing us to take our rescue to the next level, and gain more exposure for our rescue dogs. He is our "website guru".

Our foster families are so helpful to our rescue. Whether they've fostered once or many times, the compassion, love and care they give to our rescue dogs, especially those that may be sick, frightened or simply needing love and attention makes a huge difference. The knowledge our foster families are able to derive from their interactions with and observations of their foster dogs is invaluable to us when trying to find the right forever home for the dog.

We have several business partners that go above and beyond their normal responsibilities for us. They are the private boarding kennels that we use, where many of our rescue dogs are transported to when they leave the shelters. The owners of these kennels, Glen (in PA) and Lawanna (in NY), not only offer us discounted rescue rates, but they assist us with other things like making vet appointments if necessary, and then doing the transport for us, medicating the dogs that are recovering from Kennel Cough and even bottle feeding newborn puppies. Most importantly, through their experience, dedication and interactions with our rescue dogs, they are able to give us additional feedback about each rescue dog, which we may or may not have known.

And for those of you that contribute financially towards our rescue efforts, thank you so very much. Your generosity allows us to provide boarding and medical care to our rescue dogs, giving them the chance at experiencing a loving home again.


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