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Here is one of our foster dad's teaching manners to foster rottie pup Bandit.

Fostering a rescue dog is a rewarding experience for all involved. The dog benefits immeasurably from spending time in a home, rather than in a kennel, while the family is repaid for their kindness with a dog's love and the knowledge that they played an integral part in finding “a happily ever after.” However, fostering can be hard work. Young dogs may need to be housebroken or taught house manners, while older dogs may need nurturing back to health due to previous neglect. If you believe that you have love to share, then please read the following information about our foster program.

The first step is to fill out an adoption application on our website. If you would like us to find a match for your home, where the application asks for the dog you are interested in, simply type “fostering.” If there is a specific breed that you prefer, check the "About Us" page to see who handles that type of dog and be sure to click on that name when you submit your application. Most of our dogs are waiting in a boarding kennel and available for fostering. So, if a particular dog has captured your heart, please email the person specified on the dog's bio.

Foster dog Zeus enjoying some goofiness with Nanette's son Jack.

After we receive your application, we will process it like an adoption application, checking references and possibly doing a home visit. Once approved, we will speak to you about your home dynamic in order to determine which rescue dog might be a great foster fit. If you had a particular dog in mind but for some reason do not make a good match, we can suggest another dog if you were still interested in fostering.

Once you are matched with a foster dog, we will supply you with all available information about the dog, including behavior evaluations and its history with other dogs, children and small animals. The final step is to sign a foster agreement in which you agree to keep our rescue dog safe from harm and well cared for while in your possession.

We ask that foster families provide food and other basic necessities such as a collar, leash, food bowls and a soft place to sleep (a folded blanket or dog bed). We also strongly suggest using a crate, which makes acclimating a rescue dog to your home much easier. If your foster dog is in need of medical treatment while in your care, we will make arrangements with a vet in your area and have them taken care of at our expense.

Once you receive your foster dog, we ask you to integrate them into your home like a member of your family. As the dog grows comfortable, you'll be able to determine how much training they've had, what commands they may know, how they walk on leash, ride in the car, etc. You will communicate the information you gather to us so that we get to know the dog better and correctly describe them in their bio. Your experience and knowledge become key to our ability to find the correct home for them.

It's so nice to decompress in a foster home rather than a boarding kennel while waiting for a home & family.

You can foster once, or you can foster multiple times. Many times we lose our foster families because they decide to adopt their foster dog! Whatever the outcome, we are deeply grateful to all our foster families for the dedication and love they give our rescue dogs and for being the bridge to their forever homes.


Sponsoring is a great alternative when one of our available dogs has captured your heart, but adoption and fostering is not an option. Sponsoring is making a donation directly to a specific rescue dog. You can ask for your donation to be allocated towards helping with its boarding expense (usually $10/day per dog), or perhaps the dog is undergoing medical treatment and you'd like to apply a donation towards that expense. You can even sponsor a dog's spay or neuter, which is truly a lifetime gift.

Sponsoring is easy. Simply email the contact listed in the dog's bio (our email addresses are on the "Contact Us" page) and let us know that you'd like to sponsor that dog. We'll reply with the details about how to make your donation and acknowledge your generosity on our website. Finally, we will update you on your sponsored dog’s progress and notified when the dog has finally found their "happily ever after" in a home of their own.

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