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Adoption Application

All Applicants must be at least 21 years old and are required to fill out an adoption application. It allows us to learn about you and your home dynamic. References will be checked, and a home visit may be conducted. We place our dogs into homes all over New England, NY, NJ and Eastern PA. Other areas in the Northeast may be considered, but would need to be approved first. We reserve the right to refuse any individual or home for adoption.

Please select the contact person from the Pet Listing
    Nanette (nono19320@yahoo.com)
    Katya (katyaedwards@hotmail.com)
    Jane (janebearhillfarm@gmail.com)
Applicant Name
Applicant Age
Spouse's/Partner's/Roomate's Name (if applicable)
Spouse's Age
Street Address
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Phone Number
Email Address
Dog/Dogs Being Considered
Please provide me with at least two personal references with phone numbers that I may contact in regard to your application.
Name    Relationship    Phone 
Name    Relationship    Phone 
Please tell me the name, address and telephone number of your current veterinarian. If you no longer have a pet, please provide the name and phone number of the last veterinarian you did use. If this is your first pet, please list the name and phone number of the veterinarian you would like to use, should you be approved to adopt the dog.
Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability
Do you currently own any animals? If yes, please tell me about them. I would like to know their age, gender, breed, size, general temperament towards other animals.
Do you have children (or regularly visiting children or grandchildren)? If so, what are their ages and genders? Can you describe for me their interaction with dogs that you've had either as pets or when they've been around them.
Do you own your own home? If not, please list the name and telephone number of the homeowner/landlord. What type of home do you live in: house, apartment, condominium, etc. Please describe your home to me. (Do you have a yard; if so, is it fenced?) Does your family live in an urban, suburban, or rural setting?
How many hours a day will the dog be left home alone? When you are not home, where will the dog be (outside in pen, outside tied to run, outside in yard, inside free, inside enclosed in an area, or inside in a crate)?
What are the reasons behind your decision to adopt a dog now?
Why have you decided on the dog/dogs that you have applied for?
If you have previously owned dogs or other pets, please let me know about them, and their current status (passed on, lost, given away, stolen, etc.).
Please do your best to describe the lifestyle of your family. What activities do you do or do you plan on doing with your dog/dogs?
Do you travel often? If so, what do you plan on doing with your dog while you travel?
Who do you believe will be mostly responsible for the care of the dog?
Please tell me how much training you are willing to do with your dog. Do you plan on taking your dog to puppy or obedience classes? Have you previously trained dogs? What level of training are you seeking in your new dog or puppy?
Will your new dog or puppy be allowed on the furniture or beds? If not, will you have dog beds available for them? Where will the dog sleep each night, for example on a dog bed in your bedroom, in a crate, on your bed etc.
Where and how will the dog be exercised each day?
How do you plan on disciplining your new dog or pup when needed?
Do you feel as though you have a thorough understanding of all the expenses that go along with dog ownership?
Do you feel as though, regardless of the expense, your dog will always receive regular medical care needed throughout his/her life?
Are you financially able to give your dog the proper nutrition needed daily? Many times this could involve special dietary foods or supplements needed to keep your dog healthy and as preventatives against further medical needs (for example but not limited to heartworm preventative, flea/tick preventatives etc.)
I often get many applications for the same dog -- in the event that the dog you wish to adopt has already been adopted, would you like me to keep your application on file for when another similar dog becomes available? If so, please let me know the qualities that are important to you, (ie gender, size, breed, age limits etc.)
We're sorry to have to ask you to verify that you are actually of the human species, but due to the high volume of computer generated "spam" and "bot" applications that we have been receiving lately on a daily basis (fake applications filled out with nonsensical computer gibberish), we've had to incorporate this step in our application process to alleviate our email inboxes from being overrun with them. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns about the application verification, please don't hesitate to email one of us directly.
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Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued dog.

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