Waggin' Train Rescue

About Us

    Waggin' Train Rescue was founded by Jane Kleinsinger to address the aftermath of 9/11/2001 and its effect on the NYC animal shelter system, which had become overwhelmed with lost and abandoned animals. Jane established and orchestrated partnerships with several humane organizations in Vermont and Connecticut, which opened their doors to dozens upon dozens of these dogs (many transported by Jane personally in her own car). In the years since 9/11/01 her relationships with out-of-state humane organizations have continued, but now her focus is more on individual adoptions.
    As the rescue continued to evolve, Jane partnered with Katya Edwards in 2006 and Nanette LaRochelle in 2007.
    Now, we are three women who through our love and compassion for dogs, have joined forces to rescue those canine souls that have found themselves in the shelter system after becoming lost, unwanted, or surrendered by their family. We "pull" our dogs primarily from the high kill shelters in NYC (including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island).
    We work strictly as volunteers, supporting our efforts through our adoption fees, donations and Maddie's Funding. In the Spring of 2009 our rescue was approved and received our official 501(c)3 non profit status. As a result all our adoption fees and donations are now tax deductible. This change in status has allowed us to take the rescue to the next level in order to participate in some other fund raising efforts and grant applications.
    We each focus on different breeds. Katya favors Shepherds. Nanette has a soft spot for Rottweilers, Mastiffs and Bully breeds. And Jane (who continually insists that she is now retired from rescue) loves the vertically challenged hounds such as Bassets and Beagles. That's not to say that you won't see some other breeds too. For each of us, it's about connection, and sometimes once you've stared into gentle pleading eyes, there is no way you can leave them behind.
Jane and her husband Dennis with their 4 legged
companions at their VT farm.
Nanette with her very first foster dog, a
rottie pup named Bandit.
Katya rescuing a handsome shepherd from the
Brooklyn Shelter and getting him to safety.

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