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Welcome to our website! We hope you enjoy your visit. We've packed it full of information that we hope you find interesting and helpful. Please click on our Available Dogs tab to see a listing of our rescue dogs waiting for an opportunity to find a loving home and family. If you find one that captures your heart, please read through our Adoption Information page and then fill out one of our online Adoption Applications. If you'd like to see how you can assist us in our rescue efforts or help a specific one of our rescue dogs, we have a variety of ways you can do so. First, if one of our rescue dogs has captured your heart, but you're unable to adopt at this time, then visit our Fostering/Sponsering Page for information on those options. Second, we are struggling financially like so many others due to these economic times, and are very grateful for any donations, 100% of which goes right to the care of our rescue dogs and are tax deductible (we acknowledge all our donations below!) Finally, before you leave don't forget to watch our Happy Tails slide show to see some great pictures of our past rescued dogs in their new loving homes. Thanks for stopping by and for opening up your heart and home to a rescue dog.

Waggin Train Rescue welcomes aboard Ananke and Neso, a bonded male and female pair of 1 year old German Shepherds. They came into the NYC shelter system as strays. It quickly became obvious that the "humans" in their past year of life had failed them miserably. Although closely bonded and totally dependent on each other, it's evident that they have had little to no contact with humans, barely enough food, no medical care and as a result of their neglect, are absolutely terrified. Ananke and Neso have never known love, happiness or security, and do not know the first thing about living in a home or interacting with people. Their plight really impacted our hearts, and as their last chance before being euthanized, we wanted to be the "humans" that saved them, that righted the wrongs done to them in the past. To give them the life and care they should have had all along. Although the decision to rescue them seems an easy one when it comes from the compassion in our hearts, we struggle with these decisions due to the financial challenges emotionally damaged souls like this present...knowing that it's going to be a long committed journey of healing ahead, with the costs of a reputable trainer, vet bills, daily care and supplies for two dogs. We've taken the first steps, and transported them to a trainer that has agreed to work with them. These first days are just allowing them to decompress, adjust to regular meals and a quiet routine. In a few days, they will be checked over thoroughly by a vet, given blood tests, vaccinations, and set up appointments to be spayed and neutered. We are so grateful to everyone for the well wishes and kind words of support. We are committed to healing Ananke and Neso's bodies and spirits, and their eventual successful adoption into a perfect, loving forever home where they will thrive and know the meaning of what it is to be a member of a family. Obviously, we can't do this alone. We need your financial support to help them. Please help us help them. We are a registered 501c3, so all donations/sponsorships are 100% tax deductible. Any amount is so very appreciated. You can access our PayPal account by clicking on our donate button on the left side of the site. Please make the notation that your donation is for Ananke and Neso. Thank you!


We are so proud to share our year end results with everyone. Whether you supported us by:

Adopting one of our rescue dogs
Opening your home to foster one (or more!) of our rescue dogs
Donating financially towards our rescue efforts, by means of a general gift or sponsorship of a particular rescue dog...
Volunteering your time and energy by helping us with our rescue efforts (through fundraising on our behalf, getting us additional exposure on social media, assisting us with our administrative needs, joining us at social events etc.)
Being one of our family members whom patiently and continually share us with this commitment that is our passion

...we are truly so very grateful for your help.

As a result of all the hard work and the support we've received, In 2013 we were able to rescue and successfully rehome 259 souls in total, 234 dogs and 25 cats. We may be small, but we are mighty.

With our sincere appreciation,
Jane, Katya, and Nanette

In June of 2013, Waggin' Train Rescue was invited to participate in the Maddie's Fund Adoption Days. Over the course of June 1st and 2nd, all adoption fees were waived for all adoptions finalized on those two days. The Maddie's Fund generously covered those adoption fees in three different levels; for healthy young dogs and pups (or cats and kittens), for special needs adult dogs (or cats), for senior dogs (or cats) and for special needs senior dogs (or cats.) We really worked hard to make this first time event a success for our rescue, and finished with 51 finalized adoptions for our rescue dogs, and 1 adoption for a kitten! This translated into a very generous monetary grant from the Maddie's Fund in September, which allowed us to pay off many of our outstanding boarding and vet bills, which in turn enabled us to save more souls in need. We are so very grateful for their wonderful support of not only our rescue efforts, but for so many other rescues and shelters all over the country. We are looking forward with excitement to our participation in the next Maddie's Fund Adoption Days Event, which they've just announced will happen on May 31st and June 1st, 2014!

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